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More Than Just a Registered ® Trademark: Here's What Branding Experts Know
(VIDEO) More Than Just a Registered ® Trademark: Here's What Branding Experts Know

How I can help you

Hire me to be your creative problem solver! Businesses in competitive markets can gain a distinct advantage by using the power of well-crafted branding strategies and beautiful designs.

My primary strength is in the visual, conceptual and user-experience side of a project. I'm well rounded enough in all other areas to singularly complete a smaller scale project, or for more complex needs, I know how to collaborate with the right specialists.

I keep up with emerging trends and have a solid grasp of how quality work gets delivered. Design is an exercise in merging art with practicality. It is a process the entails listening to the client and proposing solutions that strike the right balance.

Do you code & what tools do you use?

I don't know how to code, but designers now have tools that enable them create custom websites from scratch and control every pixel, all without knowing code. One of my favourite tools is Webflow. However, I do understand basic html and css. There are numerous web building solutions out there and it's never been easier to pretend to be a unicorn.

Of course there are limitations to some of these tools, but my knowledge of web technology is good and I know how to partner with the right developers in situations when necessary.

I work primarily on a 27" high-speed Retina iMac. Here's a list of some software / apps that I use:

What is UX/UI and Product Design?

These terms basically mean graphic and web design. But from an industry perspective, they imply a certain expertise in the complexity and sophistication of creating web and digital goods, beyond what lay people assume.

There is plenty of info out there that dissect User Experience, User Interface and Product Design.

My interpretation is that professionals simply need to define themselves in a way that would underscore the value they deliver. Unlike surgeons and lawyers, none of this stuff requires standardized qualifications and licensing.

It's impossible to neatly divide how the human mind experiences reality. Design is simultaneously how it looks, feels and works. We are all a collective product of individual and social psychology, biology and culture. Human talents overlap, but project management becomes easier when roles are more clearly defined.


If some of my portfolio samples here resonate with you and my branding package fees are within your budget, there's a good chance I'd be able to tackle your project, even if it's a type of business I haven't worked with before. The principles of good design remain the same, regardless of subject matter.

I enjoy taking on new challenges, however these are the areas where I have the most knowledge:


Sorry to hear this. But such a scenario is more common than you realize. Here are two common reasons why this happens:

  • The the designer misreads the expectations of the client, and didn't have the information or awareness to conclude that they were not the best fit for the project.

  • The client misunderstands the role of the designer. They have a clear vision of what they want, and think that asking for it from someone who knows graphic software and code is sufficient. They fail to check if the designer had done similar projects before and think it's possible for a less experienced person to deliver a particular result. It's unfortunate in such a situation because the client often makes a choice based on price, and ends up having to re-do and spend more money in the end.

Obviously this is a situation you want to avoid in the first place. Understand this principle and you'll make smarter choices: You aren't really paying for a website or brochure, or whatever. You are paying for the thinking behind the design. Good design can take a lot of know-how.

If you already have something that doesn't work, be prepared to part with weak solutions that don't serve you in the long run. Some things may be salvaged, but each case has to be assessed individually. Experienced designers know it can often take less time to start over, than to have to fix poor design.


I have news for you. Your logo might not matter as much as you think it does. This might be a surprising comment to come from a person who designs logos. So fortunately, you might not have to buy new signage.

You know what matters more, design-wise? Overall layout, composition, fonts, and proportions. The stuff that is the underlying skeleton of good design. Get those elements right, and a not- so-impressive logo might be forgiven.

However, there are specific cases where the logo is very important: fashion-oriented brands. So unless you fall into this camp, you might just be dealing with a personal preference. A smart designer will know where to spend time wisely and be able to parse out needs from wants. But if your current logo really is terrible, yes, a change might be in order.


Of course not. There are many variables that influence success or failure. From the talent that you hire, to changing market conditions, there really isn't one thing that makes or breaks an enterprise.

Anxiety about design is often a projection of the client's worries about other issues. The more secure a person is about their business and the more they are able to separate their personal identities from it, the more relaxed they will be about achieving design perfection. The visual and content presentation of a brand co-exists with the value your business delivers. It does not substitute for it. A responsible designer does not promise miracles, just to get the job.


Before contacting a designer, it's a good idea to curate a small collection of websites, spaces and various designs that resonate with you. An experienced designer will be able to deconstruct how these design solutions were created, piece together a general idea of what you are looking for, and be able to lay out a realistic plan for what is achievable within your budget.

An effective answer doesn't always have to be the one with the most impressive bells and whistles, and can in fact, be different from what you originally imagined. Designers can be more practical than the stereotypes that exist. Poke around my site here and if you think I might be a match for you, contact me and we can discuss further.

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