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work experience & skills

Graphic / UX UI / Web Designer, Branding
2014- Present , Freelancer
Toronto | Victoria | Vancouver
Creative & Analytical

Delivering complete digital & print design solutions for small and medium size businesses. Providing expertise in branding, strategy, layouts, font selection, logos, photography, image curation, social media and copy.

People & Self-Awareness

Acquiring and retaining clients. Using effective communication to clarify objectives and explain sound design solutions. Managing expectations and learning how to leverage strengths.


Good understanding of css, html & responsive design. Capable of prototyping and launching websites, without writing code. Well-versed in delivering great user experiences. Knowledge of print production and proper file preparation

Management of Talent

Outsourcing a range of creative and technical talent: animation, coding, copy, editing, voice, 3D modelling. Assessing skill levels, preparing instructions, giving critique and appreciating contribution.

Architectural /Interior Designer & CAD Tech
2005- 2014- Present
Freelancer & Various Companies
Toronto | NYC | Seattle | Vancouver

Producing floor plans, elevations, sections & details at all phases from design development to permit and construction. Selecting finishes and furnishings. Assisted architects and engineers in finalizing complete working drawings. Co-ordinated with 3D rendering artist in creating images for sales team.

Project Types

Single Family Homes, Condos, Retail, Corporate, Hospitals, Restaurants

Companies (Employed & Freelance)

II x IV Design (Toronto), J Bodner Architects (NYC), LSGS Architects (NYC), S. Russell Groves (NYC), Weber Thompson Architects (Seattle), Rosco Engineering (Toronto) Fairbrother Homes (Vancouver)

Illustrator & Writer
2001- Present, Self Initiated Projects
USA | East Asia
Interesting Things Done

Creating Illustrations for children and young adults that have been licensed for use on stationery, toys, fashion accessories and household items. Author of illustrated books sold in the USA and parts of Asia. Prototyping an illustrated multi-lingual app for ESL Learners.



RYERSON UNIVERSITY, Toronto. BAA, Interior Design