how do you determine the value of good design?

It's Not an Exact Science, But Smart Design Delivers Returns

A brand is something intangible and beauty is not easy to quantify—thought you typically notice it when you are in it's presence. Skills like coding and knowledge of graphic software are more concrete, but the level of expertise and productivity vary considerably among peers in the same industry.

Design (both how it looks and works) does influence purchasing decisions, but how do you decide how much something is worth, when the available options run such a wide gamut?

There are no definite answers, but here I'll outline some basics that might help you make a more informed choice on how you can meet your business objectives.


This is what people always want to know, and my short answer is that I deliver great value for my fees. Each project is different and will have to be assessed individually! It's actually impossible for me to know how long something will take unless I have a good idea of the amount of content required, and what the real challenges are.

I price based on a combination of value, time spent, usage and how many different options are needed. Usually, work that I group together and complete in an uninterrupted time unit will require less time than the same amount of work spaced out over separate time intervals. So good planning will deliver better value from me.

I currently do not take small, single assignments that have not been branded already. This means something like commissioning a single basic brochure to start, but wanting to build a look/feel and brand from it.


  • The more competitive your industry, the more important a great branding strategy will be. If aesthetics plays a part in the type of good or service you sell, then you really can't afford not to hire the best designer you are able to.

  • Choose an experienced professional whose work you admire, and you won't be left disappointed and or worse, feeling like you need to do things over again. The time and headache saved will be worth it.

  • In a hyper competitive world, great design strategies aren't really luxuries. They are investments that delivery financial returns. This has been my experience with my clients and proven by many studies. There are a lot of different ways I can work with various budgets.

  • Remember that getting your brand right is an adventure, so choose the person or team that's just as excited about your business as you are! Aside from utilitarian considerations, design is also a form of artistic expression.


The first step is determining whether or not I'm the right designer for you. The best partnerships are typically those in which both parties share common values. Please contact me with a description of you project, and I'll see what's possible. You can read more about me and how I think here.

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