I'm Angela

And Designing is My Natural Forte

I offer style-conscious design services for businesses seeking smart branding solutions. My skill set is fairly broad, and I can help you nail the essence of what you are striving for.

I am formally trained in interior design (Ryerson University, Toronto) and self-taught in web/graphic design and related technologies. Google, Youtube, Skillshare, and numerous other online platforms are a wealth of information, but it does require good critical thinking skills to sift through the hype and use what is valuable.

I have worked in building construction, architecture and interior design for over 10 years. I started web and graphic design part-time in 2014, first because I needed these skills to work on my own personal projects, but now I design for others in this capacity because I love hatching new ideas and breathing them to life, whatever the medium.

I also illustrate, write and I'm rather curious about human nature. All of which lends itself to me being able to help you even better. To see a portfolio of some of my other projects not found here, please contact me.


design sense

How Do Artists Know What Looks Good?

Engineers I've worked with often comment that they'd never want my job because creative design has no definite right or wrong answer. True. But like gravity, there are aesthetic laws that serve as guides. Here's a video on my perspective.

MOre About me & My Thoughts

I Learned More About Design Living Abroad Than at University

Just living in the UK, Europe and New York for a few years and visiting Japan taught me more about design than four years of schooling. Great architecture, fashion, packaging, and the like, are all just more concentrated there, compared to Canada, where I grew up and studied. Though in recent years, that is changing.

According to the Myers-Brigg, I'm an INFP or INFJ

Introverted. Intuitive. Feeling. Perceiving or Judging. So in theory, my type means that I'm a creative, harmony seeking idealist and a private, decisive moral crusader. I think there is some truth in this. However, Myers-Brigg personality tests as source of definitive authority have been debunked. Archetypes are handy shortcuts the mind likes to use. I'm referencing it here because understanding this concept is the key to creating great brands, but recognizing it's limitations is the key to great client relationships.

Design is Also About Understanding Social Hierarchies

Who has power? Who doesn't? And who is on their way to accessing more power? These are questions that good designers are acutely aware of. Class, race, gender, the status quo and pushback against the status quo are all forces that intersect with design.

Rarely spoken about directly throughout the design process, but silently acknowledged, is that political forces impact design decisions. Human models, fonts, colour schemes, words, furniture, clothing and so many other minute details often have associations with histories of both oppression and emancipation. Navigating such complexities are what designers do regularly.

Everybody Appreciates Great Design

Coming up with an effective design solution for a mass market retailer like Target isn't necessarily easier than for Gucci. The same basic design principals apply, and the research, planning and execution process is identical. The latest evolutionary science is showing us that perhaps an appreciation for aesthetics is about beauty for it's own sake, rather than just for physical survival.

My parents are uneducated immigrants from China. Shortly after graduating from University, I worked on design projects in or aspiring toward "High Society". That I could bridge such a gap in one generation is evidence that at it's core, an understanding of aesthetics is an innate human ability. For the artistically inclined, the opportunity to cultivate that skill is all that's needed. Which means that for whomever you are designing, your best efforts will always be appreciated.

If my work or ideas here resonate with you, email or connect with me on Linkedin.